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Sports Day 2017

Yesterday, we finally held our Key Stage 2 Sports Day and it was a lot of fun.  The events included: sprinting, skipping, the potato relay, egg and spoon race, cross country, obstacle race, target throwing and the sack race.  All the children competed in four of the events for their house team. The weather was very warm despite the earlier rain. Whilst we were competing in the races, the adults cheered us on and they also enjoyed their free scones! One everyone had completed their races we all sat down to hear the results.  They were...


1st       Diamond 203 points

2nd     Sapphire 200 points

3rd      Ruby 196 points

4th      Emerald 185 points


The day ended brilliantly as we all got a delicious and well earned ice-lolly!


Thank you to Mr Clark (our incoming Headteacher) for this fantastic collection of photographs too.  Click HERE to see them. 



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