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Super Mathematicians

Four children from Brampton Primary School took part in the first ever Maths Quiz for schools in the Carlisle area today (2nd July). The children were Sylvie Giecco (Year 6), Esther Rowntree (Year 6), Emily Siddle (Year 5) and DJ Taylor (Year 5).

The quiz started with ten mental maths questions. The children were allowed to work together and I am very pleased to say the children got all of the questions correct. The second round involved each school picking a question that had to be completed within a time limit. Some of the questions were rather tricky, the time limit added extra pressure. However, once again the children did very well, receiving 40 marks out of a possible 55. The children then received juice and a biscuit to help refresh and keep their brains functioning! The hospitality from Robert Ferguson School was fantastic. The final round involved the children answering a further ten mental maths questions- once again the children received full marks in this round.

The afternoon ended with the results. The children came…joint third out of eleven schools. A fantastic achievement. More importantly all four children had an enjoyable afternoon and worked very well together. WELL DONE to all four of you. I look forward to taking more children to the competition next year.
Mrs Walker

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