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Victory for the Rounders Teams!

Today, 28 children year 6 children went to William Howard School for the annual KS2 Rounders Tournament. All 3 teams were delighted to be heading out to the competition in such great weather. With 9 players on the field at any one time the children had to work together to find ways to play their opponents successfully.

The children were accompanied by Miss Miller and Mrs Watson and they have reported how fantastic the children were - they played brilliantly and showed they could adapt to the different situations they were presented with.  

Despite brilliant play, Team 3 didn't quite make it into the semi-final but showed great determination in organising themselves on the pitch. Team 2 made the semi-final with a 10 to 4 rounders win in one game! Team 1 also won their way to the semi-final. So... it was an all Brampton semi-final which would unfortunately lead to one team knocking the other out of the competition. In what was a tough game, Team 1 were victorious but despite a tinge of disappointment for Team 2 both teams showed fantastic team spirit. 

Team 2 went into the play-off for 3rd place. They gave it their best shot and it was a very close game - they finished in 4th place. Team 1 played in the final against a strong team from Great Corby. It was a close and nervous match but the team held it together for a final score of Brampton 4, Great Corby 2.5. It was a WIN for Brampton Primary School!

Huge congratulations to all of the children for their efforts and for their excellent display of sportsmanship. We are all proud of you. 


Thank you to Miss Miller and Mrs Watson for supporting the children and taking on the tough challenge that is umpiring! 


Yet another great outing - well done BPS! Do enjoy the photographs. no

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