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Walk to School Week 2015

This week is national Walk to School Week and the children and staff are being encouraged to walk to and from school each day.  The idea is to promote a healthy lifestyle, reduce pollution through fewer car journeys, reduce the amount of traffic in and around the school site and enjoy a sociable walk to school with other friends or family members.  The message is simple—walking is good for you and good for the planet.
Each journey a child makes on foot (or using a scooter or bike) will be rewarded with a sticker on a chart at school.  Children who walk the most to and from school will be rewarded with a prize at the end of the week.    Hopefully, the weather will be kind and we’ll enjoy a super week to close this busy half term.  Please think carefully about each car journey that you make and encourage the children to participate.
To encourage as many children as possible to walk to school, Tuesday has been renamed ‘Happy Shoesday’ this week.  For one day only, children and staff are being invited to wear the shoes that make them happy for the day.  Please note that these shoes must be suitable for walking so we ask that no high heels or Heelys are worn.   
Thank you!    


Living Streets

Information about the campaign and the organisation who promote it. 

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