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Well done to the Rounders Teams!

Today, (Monday 16th June 2014) three teams of children attended the annual Rounders Tournament at William Howard School. The children played some excellent rounders and achieved some good results. I must give Harry Dickson a special mention for, ‘Catch of the Day!’ I’m sure the children in Team 1 would agree with me. He was playing as the backstop in Team 1 and when the ball was hit behind the box he flew through the air and caught the ball with one hand, 1cm from the ground! Incredible, well done Harry!

Team 1 finished as Runners-up in the final and the team included: Harry Dickson, Ewan Charlton, Declan Gordon, DJ Taylor, Luke Tuddenham, Georgie Murphy, Aimee Burrus, Georgia Earl and Mollie Hillary.

Team 2 won their group and were Runners-up in their semi-final and the team included: Alex McCabe, Matt Blenkinsop, Toby Emerson, Jamie Barnett, Jack Mitchelson, Rebecca Todhunter, Emily Siddle, Alisha Thompson and Esther Rowntree.

Team 3 finished 3rd in their group and the team included: William Nixon, Kyle Farish, Jack Morris, Luke Kelly, Tyler Falder, Jessica Yates, Hannah Crawford, Anna Elliott and Erin Goodchild.

Both Miss Miller and I were very proud of all of the children. They played very well and adhered to the rules of the game without a fuss, well done to you all. Yet another good day out for the children of Brampton Primary School!

Mrs Paisley

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