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As well as the daily maths lessons we would like the children to keep learning their times tables. There is picture below of all the times tables to help you. Times tables for this week are the same as last week, to give you more time to practice them if you need.  I have added an activity sheet for each group to practice.  These are also on Dojo, or just write out the answers, you don't need to print.


Group 1:   9 x table                             Group 2:    7 x table                                     Group 3:  12 x table


If your child is not sure which group they are in, please send Mrs Bouch a message and she will let you know.  Good ways to learn tables are reciting them, eg 1 8 is 8,  2 8s are 16,  writing them out, matching answers to questions, TTRockstars and Hit the Button.  Links to these are on our home page.

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