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Curriculum Intent

At Brampton Primary School, we teach a broad and balanced curriculum by immersing our pupils in their learning. Our curriculum aims to provide children with rich, varied and deep knowledge, while developing life-long skills and providing a variety of enrichment opportunities.

We aim to offer our children opportunities for creativity, problem solving, challenge and enjoyment, while developing their resilience, confidence and respectful relationships with others.

Our curriculum covers all aspects of the National Curriculum. We offer skill progression in all subjects from Year 1 to Year 6 which build on the Early Learning Goals from the Early Years & Foundation Stage. We aim to inspire and challenge every child to believe, persevere and succeed.

We take pride in offering our children a curriculum that is relevant to their lives while enlightening them to new possibilities and understanding of the wider world around them.

Curriculum Implementation

Our curriculum has been planned to be cumulative and revisited. This enables us to make the most of opportunities for children’s learning to be repeated, embedded and secured through each subject.  Regular quizzing is used to revisit taught knowledge and skills and there is a strong focus on developing children’s understanding of key vocabulary. Staff in an individual year group consider not only what their year group’s expectations are but what learning precedes it and what follows in order to secure clear progression for children in each subject area.

The teaching of English and Maths takes place every morning in school and children also have daily opportunities to take part in reading activities. In most other areas of our curriculum, learning takes place in immersive units during the afternoon sessions where children may be focusing on a historical period, geographical study or artistic style over a number of consecutive afternoons.  Some subjects such as P.E. and P.S.H.E. are taught discreetly each week.   


It is hugely important to us that we meet the needs of children in order for them to become independent and confident young people, who are equipped to succeed in the world around them. We therefore offer a wide variety of opportunities to build on and enhance pupils’ learning. Examples of children enjoying these enrichment opportunities can be seen on our website and include:

  • Visits/ Residential Trips
  • Visitors
  • Specialist Curriculum Theme Weeks
  • Sporting Tournaments
  • Musical Events
  • Year Group Performances
  • Learning in Local Secondary Schools
  • Celebration of Achievements through weekly Head Teacher Awards

Local Learning

We are very lucky to live in a beautiful part of the world and make sure we utilise our local area at Brampton Primary School - we regularly use our local, rural surroundings to enhance our curriculum. For example, some year groups conduct local geography studies, others focus on local poets and authors in English. Adventure packed residential trips in the Lake District and Northumberland build team work, life and survival skills while visits in our local area cover many other aspects of the history curriculum. 

The Community

The local community is so important to our school, as are the parents of our children. Parents are kept up to date weekly with exciting curriculum news on our website and Class Dojo. Parents are invited regularly into school to different events and termly performances - we love to share our work with our parents whenever we can. We also participate in different community projects and initiatives to encourage children to care for their local environment such as: planting and growing food for local residents to harvest; reading and singing to the residents of local care homes and litter picking on our wellbeing walks.

Extra- Curricular Learning

We have an extensive schedule of extra- curricular clubs here at Brampton Primary School. Some examples of our weekly after school clubs that may take place during different times of the school year include:

Cricket                                       Table tennis                                       Football

Gardening                                   Ukulele                                             Board Games    

Computing                                  Chess                                                Gymnastics

Cross Country Running                  Film                                                 Construction     

School is always looking to grow its clubs and listens carefully to pupil voice through the School Council.

The Impact of our Curriculum

It is imperative to us that our children achieve excellence not only in the core subjects, but in every curriculum subject.

Regular assessments are made in all subjects and we have lots of ways celebrating success across the curriculum, as well as ensuring that children know what they need to do to progress.

Evidence of the impact of our curriculum can be viewed through the photographs, examples of work and pupil voice comments in the individual subject area icons below.  More detailed information about each specific subject is also available through these icons. 

Outward Facing

Here at Brampton Primary School we look very closely at our curriculum and are always striving to improve. Every subject here has a dedicated leader who monitors standards and provides training and support to colleagues. Leaders keep a close eye on professional organisations and play active parts in localised cluster work so that they are up to date with any developments in their subject.

"There is a staff culture of being outward facing, continually trying to improve and use the best practice from other schools." OFSTED, 2019

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach, please contact the school directly.