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Welcome to the PTA section!

Brampton Primary School Parent and Teacher Association.

Membership of the PTA is automatic for all parents and carers of children at Brampton Primary School. You can give as little or as much of your time, energy and support to PTA events as you wish.

So what does the PTA actually do?

Brampton Primary School's PTA organises events to support the children during their time in the school and aims to raise funds to supplement those received by the school from the local authority. Generally these funds help to buy 'extras' for the school; these may be books for a new reading scheme or a sandpit for the nursery. There are no hard and fast rules as to what will be funded through the PTA though generally it is the extras which help enrich the children's learning and time at the school.

At Brampton the PTA support and organise a number of events. You may even have been to some of them!

Our events have included:

  • In-house catering at various school events and performances 
  • The annual Christmas and Summer Fairs
  • School Discos
  • Bingo nights

And many more!

All of the money raised in the last year has been put to good use, including supporting, Christmas parties and Christmas theatre visits, year 6 leaver trips, sports and play equipment and supplies for the fabulous annual musical production.
This year we will be running the most popular events again and looking for new ideas. We really appreciate any time and support we receive and are always looking for new members to join our regular meetings or just to help out.

Being part of the PTA doesn't mean that you have to donate money for events in school, it can be offering your time to run a stall at the Christmas fair, cooking those hotdogs for a disco, making and baking items to be sold for school funds or even putting up posters in Brampton so that the whole community can come to events held at the school.

If you want to get involved in the PTA then please contact the school and one of the PTA members will be in touch. We'd love to see you at any of our meetings or events.