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Our children are expected to wear full school uniform everyday unless there is a special event which parents will be notified about via the website, newsletter or school text. 

Our uniform consists of...

  • Grey or black trousers or skirt
  • Red gingham style school dress for summer 
  • White polo shirt 
  • Red sweatshirt or cardigan (available from the school office)
  • Plain black footwear
  • For P.E. children need -
  • Crew neck T-shirt in House Team colour (refer to Class Dojo for house teams)
  • Black shorts
  • Clean P.E. shoes/trainers to be used indoors
  • Trainers for outdoor games
  • A P.E. bag
  • P.E. clothing should be plain without logos. 

Children are only allowed small stud earrings and preferably be able to remove them for P.E. Those that do wear earrings must bring their own tape to cover them or a box to keep them safe. School will take no responsibility for injuries due to earrings or if they get lost. As per national guidelines children cannot take part in P.E. without them taken out or covered up.

Sweatshirts, cardigans, P.E. bags and book bags are always  available from the school office.


There is also a rail of good condition second hand uniform at Age Concern in Brampton.