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Sports Day


Can you create your own Sports Day at home?


Get everyone in your household involved for a few hours of sporting fun.




  • Relay races.


  • Egg and Spoon race.


  • Skipping race.


  • Obstacle course race.


  • Standing long jump – two feet to two feet.  Measure the distance jumped.


  • Triple jump – hop, step (landing on the opposite foot to the hop) and jump (land on two feet).  Measure the total distanced jumped.


  • Speed bounce – count how many jumps can you do over an object or a line (line on grass/patio, line using a skipping rope, brush handle etc) in one minute.  If you touch the object you are jumping over, the jump does not get counted.


  • Water race – start with a full bucket of water at one end and have empty bowls at the other end (you will need one empty bowl for every person in the race).  You can either race to see who can fill their bowl up first (using a cup to transfer the water).  Or you can race to see who can transfer a set number of cups full of water to their bowl.


  • Target throw.


  • Hand keepie uppies – using a tennis ball, balloon, scrunched up piece of paper, time how many you can do in one minute.  Keep hitting the object up using only your hand.


  • Football keepie uppies – continuous kicks or kick and catch.  Count how many you can do in 1 minute.


  • Sit ups – count how many you can do it one minute.


  • Sack race – you could use old pillowcases if you have any or binbags.


  • Star jumps – count how many you can do in one minute.


  • Welly throw – measure who can throw a welly the furthest.


Have fun.  Please share your sporting fun with me on ClassDojo.  I’m excited to see what you do.

Nursery – Mrs Harper & Mrs Bareham
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