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Create your own Sport or Game


With the help of your family, can you create your own sport or game?


You can take something like football and tweak the rules to create your own sport, or you can completely make up your own sport or game. 


You will need to name your new sport/game and think carefully about the rules.  Try not to make it too complicated.


Remember, this is PE so there needs to be lots of physical activity involved.


You will need to think about the following things:


  • The area needed to play your sport/game.
  • The equipment needed.
  • How many players can play the game or the minimum amount of players needed.
  • The rules of the sport/game.


Extra activities:

  1. Write a set of instructions for how to play your sport/game.
  2. Make a 3D version of your new sport’s playing area – a pitch or a stadium for example.
  3. Design your sport’s playing clothes.  Do you need to wear specific items of clothing to play the game?



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