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PE can be practiced each day to suit your families timetable and other children in the family can join in with the exercise and fun!


Watch the BBC Teach Lava Game


Read through this guide with your adult.

Lava Zone

Join commentators Johnny and Jasmine as they introduce a range of basic movements to help you gain the skills you will need to complete the Lava Zone.


The core idea behind Lava Zone is that you imagine that the floor is made of lava and you must avoid it at all costs!


You choose, are given areas of safety in the room, or outside in the garden, and must find your  way to them using jumps, hops and skips, as the lava sweeps from one side of the room/garden  to the other.


You could put flat items, cloths, or pillow cases, hoops, or similar, to move to, to keep out of the lava or draw safe spots around the area in chalk if outside.


1 Discuss where your safe balance place is to hold your balance against the lava.

2 What you will use to place on the floor (inside) or ground (outside) to make your lava safe spots to move between? Decide together what you will place/mark on floor/ground.

3 Decide which balances you will hold in the safe spots.

4 Decide which jump/travel movements you will use to move between the safe spots you have marked/placed on the floor or ground.


To remain in the safety zone, children must hold a balance.

Practise your balancing with the Balance Card Game
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