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Sports Day 2021


Today is Sports Day in EYFS and KS1. Watch some of the videos and see if you can join in with some of the events we will be doing in school today. Have fun and ask everyone in the house to get involved! 

Twinkl Sports Day at Home | Egg and Spoon Race and Object Balancing Activity

We have two exercises for you to practise today! It's everyone's favourite... the classic egg and spoon race and a more testing activity... the object balancing ...

Twinkl Sports Day at Home | Timed Agility Challenge and Underarm Throw

πŸ† Twinkl Home Sports Day - Friday 5th June at 3.30pm πŸ†Just 2 days to go until the event! Has your class been practising? Today's events include a timed agi...

Twinkl Sports Day at Home | Standing Long Jump

We know many children will be missing out on their Sports Day this year; that's why we'd like to encourage you to take part in our Sports Day at Home! Each d...

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