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Physical Education 


The PE curriculum in our school is based on the National Curriculum document (2014) and all children in our school receive two hours of PE each week. The enthusiasm shown by pupils confirms the engagement in ‘high quality PE and school sport’. 
Pupils from Nursery and Reception through to Year 6 enjoy taking part in PE lessons that provide them with opportunities to develop their skills in many different areas; they have the opportunity to work alone, with a partner or as part of a team. Each year group aims to build on the previous year and all teachers encourage children to try their very best in lessons and we all promote healthy active lifestyles. Our children enjoy a 'Mile a Week' and taking part in lots of different movement activities throughout the school day - encouraging them to SIT LESS and MOVE MORE
PE in our school is further enhanced through involvement with our local Secondary School (William Howard) and surrounding Primary Schools. The children have the opportunity to participate in training festivals and competitions against other schools in a range of different sports (interschool competition).  We also attend some competitions in Carlisle run by the CSSA and affiliated to School Games. We enjoy many sporting successes in our school.  


We have many extra curricular activities running throughout the year such as: football, dance, gymnastics, football, netball, basketball, tri-golf, cross country and rounders. Also, our school visits are used to develop and strengthen the curriculum for example, outdoor and adventurous activities (OAA) at both Hawse End, near Keswick and Dukes House Wood, near Hexham. 

Our school ensures safe practice in PE and school sport by following the guidance from ‘Safe Practice in Physical Education and School Sport’ 2008 edition. 

At Brampton Primary School we all enjoy a full week of sport in line with National School Sport Week. Within this week we host a traditional Sports Day which is well attended by parents who enjoy cheering their children on. Here are some thoughts from the children after our week in June. 

"I like the fact you get two chances of winning. One, the traditional Sports Day and the second, the actual sports week!" Zane (Year 6)

"I have enjoyed Sports Week because we did a range of activities and we were all really competitive and we had ice lollies!" Alex and Rosie (Year 6 children)

"The water bomb races were fantastic because it was different and no one had ever done it." DJ and Anna (Year 5 children)

"My third reason, for enjoying Sports Week, is that I enjoyed all of the teamwork I saw and it inspired me to work as a team." Jordan (Year 6)

"I really enjoyed Sports Week and I can't wait until next year. It was great fun and I thank all the teachers for their hard work!!" Anna and Lily (Year 5 and Year 6)

Nursery – Mrs Harper & Mrs Bareham
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