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Find your brave- Children's Mental Health Week

How can I explore what it means to be brave with children?

Use these Find Your Brave activities to explore what being brave really means and how facing difficulties with mental and moral strength helps develop positive mental health. 

Use the PowerPoint presentation to explore the theme with your child and the accompanying range of activities to embed this learning. 


How can I help children share their worries and fears?

Help children feel comfortable to share their worries and fears by: 


  • letting them know it's OK to have uncomfortable feelings; 
  • making time to listen to them; 
  • letting them know there are people who can help and 
  • helping them understand that talking about their worries and fears can help them feel better.


What does being brave mean?

Being brave means facing difficulties with mental and moral strength. It includes asking for help and sharing concerns. Trying something new and stepping outside of your comfort zone is also being brave. 

Use these activities to help your child understand that asking for help and finding ways to positively move forwards in challenging times is an act of bravery and can enhance their mental health.

Nursery – Mrs Harper & Mrs Bareham
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