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PSHE Mental Health Week

2 2 21 Lesson 1:

Dream Catchers- Introduced at ZOOM 2 2 21  As part Of Mental Health For Kids week we will look at this North American native symbol and think about how important sleep is to our well being.


I will be reading the children the Dream Catching Information and then I will demonstrate the techniques to create a Dream Catcher.


The children are not required to do their own at this point - they can create theirs at their leisure, and when it fits with your plans for the week.


PE links this week included for Sleep - Yoga and Positions that help promote sleep - PLEASE SEE PE PAGE


3 1 21 Lesson 2 

Native American Symbols


Native American Symbols Read and Create A Story


There is an example included to show you how to create a story using the symbols, and the story recording sheet is also included for you to use for your own story.

Nursery – Mrs Harper & Mrs Bareham
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