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Welcome to Reception & Nursery Mrs Morton's Class



Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which is how we describe the time in your child's education between birth and age 5.


Your child will be learning skills, acquiring new knowledge and demonstrating their understanding through 7 areas of learning and development.

  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world: and
  • Expressive art and design


This half term our topic is ' Where we live'. We will be learning all about Brampton town and our homes and families.

We will plan learning around children's interests and activities that are suited to your child's unique needs.  Our focus is to find out about each other and the area in which we live.
We will be reading lots of the fantastic stories that we all know and love. Children will explore the language used and take part in lots of role play. 

Children will take part in daily maths sessions focusing on basic counting skills and exploring 2D shapes and pattern.   We develop maths mastery through maths talk, practising skills they've learned during  play, and introducing number sense.

Our literacy activities are linked to various texts within our topic. We try to encourage the love of books and story telling.  Children are given lots of opportunities to develop writing and mark making.

Children  will learn the letter sounds and begin to blend and segment to read and spell words.

We begin by introducing a different sound each day.



There are some misconceptions and children learn the letter names. But in order to read and write we need to learn the sounds. Practise your sounds at home.  It is also really important that your child recognises and can write their own name.

We will continue "Dough Disco" where children use playdough to develop fine motor skills. And a "finger gym" to make our fingers strong to become amazing writers.

Children are encouraged to develop their own learning styles and contribute ideas through our weekly 'Talking Tub' on a Friday.  This is closely linked to the weekly topic focus so will give you a greater insight to their learning.  Please encourage you child to complete their 'Talking Homework' this will be uploaded onto class Dojo on a Friday. 

Children will read and share a book with an adult twice a week in school, but at present we can only send a book home once a week as when they are returned they need quarantined for 48 hours. Reading records will come home but are not to be returned. We expect parents to continue to fill them in and we will look at the at the end of half term.  It is an essential part of early years so build sharing stories and books into your routine.


Fresh fruit is provided daily and children are encouraged to have a snack. Children can also bring in their water bottle from home.


It is very important to ensure our younger children are school ready and are independent when putting on coats, going to the toilet and eating or drinking.
Days to remember:
Early Years will do PE on a Wednesday morning and a Friday afternoon. (In light of the current situation children can come to school wearing their PE kit, black jogging bottoms or leggins will be fine with their school jumper as it is getting colder).  We will work hard to be healthy movers and take part in the weekly mile walk and daily bursts of go noodles and jump start Jonny exercises.

 Children achieve and do lots of wonderful things at home that we would love to know about and celebrate in school. We will not at present be sending home 'wow vouchers' but please still upload onto our class Dojo. Don’t forget to let us know if your child does something brilliant at home.


Homework is in the form of homework bingo, where children and adults can learn together. Please try and complete at least three activities a week and upload what your child has been busy with on our class Dojo.  

Our EYFS unit s is supported by teaching assistants Mrs Frizzel, Mrs Brown and Mrs Turner.
If you have any concerns or queries, please come and talk to us.

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A day in the Early Years!

The Early Years enjoyed a walk around Brampton.  Looking at significant buildings in our local environment. The autumn colours were amazing and the weather stayed dry. 
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