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School Day


8:30am The school gates to the yard are open.


8:45am School doors are open.  Please see the member of staff on the doors or at the school office if you need to pass on any messages or send a note.  


8:55am School doors close and children will begin registration in their classrooms.  If the school doors are closed, please bring your child into school through the main entrance.  


9:30am Registration closes.  Please inform school of any absences before this time. 


10:30-10:45am Morning break for all year groups. 


12-12:55pm Lunchtime for all year groups. 


12:55-1:30pm Afternoon registration.  Please note that afternoon registration closes at 1:30pm.


2:30-2:45pm Afternoon break for children in Reception and Year 1&2. 


3pm School gates open for you to collect your child.


3:10pm  Nursery & Reception children meet parents on the lower yard. 


3:15pm Children in Years 1-6 will be escorted to the doors to meet parents on the yard.  


Children who are collected from school during the course of the day must be signed out in the yellow folder at Reception by the adult who is collecting them.  


Any changes to this timetabling as a result of visits or events will be explained in letters home and/or updated via the school text messaging service. 


Nursery – Mrs Harper & Mrs Bareham
1 0 8 4 4 2 Visitors