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Forces and Magnets – Marvellous Magnets


This week’s lesson is all about demonstrating your knowledge of magnets and how they work.


Start off with a quick quiz as shown on slide 3.


After that, your task is to design, create and play a magnetic game.


For the games, you will need:


  • Magnets
  • Metal paperclips
  • Card or cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Straw, stick or dower
  • String
  • Bowl or tray (for a fishpond)


You don’t need all of this equipment for every game.

See slide 7 for an explanation of the games.


Choose which game you want to design, create and play.


Alternatively, you could design, create and play all three of the games.


If you have someone else in your household who can join in, you could both choose a different game to design and make.  Once you have made your game, you could both play one game and then the other.


Use the ‘Magnetic Game activity sheet’ to design and explain your game.


Once you’ve done that, you need to make it and play it with someone at home.


Lastly, evaluate your game by asking the player who played your game what they thought.  The evaluation form can be found after the Magnetic Game activity sheet.


If you are working with someone else at home who has also designed and created a game, they could evaluate your game and you could evaluate their game.



Enjoy!  Please share your magnetic games with me on ClassDojo.

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