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Forces and Magnets – Magnet Making


Can you use a magnet and some recyclable materials to create a new fridge magnet?


Maybe you could make your fridge magnet out of a yoghurt pot, egg box or cereal box.  You could re-use part of a plastic milk bottle or fruit carton.


Make sure your thoroughly wash your recyclable materials before using them to make your fridge magnet.


You will need to consider the strength of the magnet and how much recyclable material you use.  If the decoration is far too heavy, your fridge magnet will either slide down the fridge or fall off.


Don’t make it too large or over-complicate your design.


You could create a flower, a ladybird, a butterfly, a football, a dinosaur… the list is endless.


You need to choose your material very carefully depending on how you want to decorate it.  If you want to use felt tip pens to decorate it, then cardboard might be the most appropriate material.  You could paint your magnet or cover it in tissue paper.  You could stick items on your fridge magnet, such as feathers, gems, pom poms, beads, pipe cleaners etc.



Enjoy!  Please share your magnet with me on ClassDojo.




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