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Plants – What do plants need to grow well?


If you were able to plant some seeds last week, please go to task 1.  You can also have a go at task 2 if you wish.


If you conducted your own research into what plants need to grow well and you did not plant any seeds, please go to task 2.


Task 1 – reporting results so far.


What has happened to your plants so far?  Have you seen any changes?

Can you write a short description and explanation for each of your plant pots to explain the changes so far?  If possible, could you also include a labelled diagram to show what your plant looks like now?  Make sure you write down which plant pot in what conditions you are reporting on.

For example:

Plant pot – on warm windowsill with sunlight but no water.

My plant has grown another 2cm taller.  It has turned white and yellow.  The leaves are still small and they haven’t grown much at all.


Task 2 – explanation and research.


  1. Imagine a plant that is tall, thin and yellow.

Where do you think it may have been growing?  Why do you think that?  Write a few sentences to explain your answer.


  1. Two weeks ago, you learnt about the roots, stem, leaves and flowers and their different functions.

Which part of a plant do you think is most important?  Can you explain why?

Write your ideas down – just a few sentences will do.


  1. Lots of food comes from plants.  Can you research which food comes from the four different parts of a plant?
  • What food comes from roots?
  • What food comes from stems?
  • What food comes from leaves?
  • What food comes from flowers?



Task 3 – optional task for all


Can you create a board game based on the topic of plants?

Think of good things that would move a player forward, such as getting watered or catching some sunshine on a windowsill.  Think of bad things that would make a player move back, such as someone forgetting to water the plant or the plant sitting in a shaded area all day.


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