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Your science this week is for two afternoons, Thursday and Friday, to give you time to complete it, and it can take longer if you need.  I would like you to write an explanation text about how the human digestive system works.  This will combine what you have learned in science and in literacy over the last few weeks. 

Thursday: Plan your writing.

Use the writing frame to help you plan your explanation text.  You do not need to print it out, you can just use the structure to help you.  It shows you how to organize your text, and gives you space to write notes to help you with your writing. Put key information such as technical vocabulary on the plan to help you with your writing tomorrow.  Watch the video first to remind you of how the digestive system works.


There is also lots of information to help you below.


Video about the digestive system.

An example of a good explanation text. This one is about the water cycle.

Digestive system fun facts.

Technical vocabulary.

Friday: Write your explanation text. 

Any paper you have to write on will be fine, although lined paper is probably best.

Use your plan to help you, and look at the example of an explanation text to remind you of how your writing should look.


Other features which you will need to include in your writing are:

Adverbial phrases and connectives such as firstly, next, later on and after that, followed by a comma.

Causal conjunctions such as so that or as a result.

Present tense.

Correct punctuation and capital letters where needed.

Joined handwriting, to the best of your ability. 


I’m looking forward to seeing your wonderful writing.

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