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Plants – Fantastic Flowers


This week’s science task is all about the different parts of a flower and understanding their role in pollination and fertilisation.


There are two ways in which you can complete this task.  You can either use a real flower (something that has visible stamens, stigma and style, such as tulips and lillies), or you can use the photo of a flower.


If you have a real flower, you will dissect it and pull it apart to separate the different parts.

If you use the paper photo of a flower, you will carefully cut out the different parts.


Read the PowerPoint up to and including slide 5.  Using either an actual flower or a paper one, dissect it to show the different parts.

Use the diagram on slide 6 to help you understand which part is which.


Lay the different parts out on the ‘flower dissection mat’ or lay them on your own piece of paper and label each part.  The labelling of each part is important to help you remember their names.


Watch the video on slide 7 to find out what the jobs are of the different parts.  Please watch the video as many times as needed.


Continue reading through the PowerPoint.  It would be helpful to read the PowerPoint more than once and to read it with an adult too.


Complete the Parts of a Flower and Pollination Process activity sheets.

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