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Plants – Life cycle of a flowering plant


This week’s science task is all about the life cycle of a flowering plant.


Read through the PowerPoint at least once with an adult.


Complete the ‘Life cycle of a flowering plant’ activity sheet.

You can either print the sheet and complete the task or you can replicate the activity using your own paper.

If you are using the actual sheet, make sure that you match the correct picture with the correct description at the right stage in the cycle.  There are a few missing words for you to add in to complete the description.


Slide 12 of the PowerPoint will help you to check your work. 


You could also have a read of Arnold Ringstad’s book ‘The Plant Life Cycle’ on epic! if you want to.


These short BBC Bitesize videos are also really helpful.


The Life cycle of a plant:


Seed dispersal:


The life cycle of a dandelion:


How plants produce seeds:

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