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Forces and Magnets – Pushes and Pulls


This week’s science task marks the beginning of our new topic of Forces and Magnets.


This week is all about pushes and pulls.


Read through the PowerPoint at least once with an adult.

There is a video to watch on slide 4.  The PowerPoint will need to be in slide show mode for the video link to work.


There is a pushing and pulling forces worksheet to complete.  For each activity, you have to say whether it is a push or pull force and whether or not that force causes something to start or stop moving.  As always, please don’t feel like you have to print the sheet.  You can write your answers down on paper too.  The answers are included too so that you can check your work.


If you want to, you can play Forces Bingo with a member of your family.  The bingo template and forces cards can be found below.


You could also go on a forces hunt, both inside and outside of your home.  Note down all of the push and pull forces you see.  How do you know that they are push/pull forces?  Do they make something stop or start moving?

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