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Forces and Magnets – Scrapyard challenge


For this week’s science lesson, you will need to have access to magnets.


If possible, you will need:

  • Steel paper clips
  • Magnets – preferably bar magnets but any will be fine
  • Iron filings (optional)
  • Tray (optional)
  • Paper (optional)


For the activity, you will need a range of magnetic and non-magnetic objects mixed together.  Examples of objects include coins, iron nails, steel paper clips, pens, pencils, drinks cans, food tins, wooden spoons or plastic tubs.


Please read through the PowerPoint at least once with an adult.  There is a BBC Bitesize video to watch on slide 6.  Remember, the PowerPoint needs to be in slideshow mode for the link within the presentation to work.


Once you have read through the PowerPoint and have watched the video, have a go at the activity.  Using a range of magnetic and non-magnetic objects, children will have to sort them into which is which using magnets.


Don’t worry if you haven’t got any magnets at home.  Your task is to research what magnets are and how they work.


Useful website to help with your research:


There are some useful books on epic! that I have put in our ‘Science – Forces and Magnets’ folder.


This video is also helpful:


You could present your research in the form of a poster if you want to.

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