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Ancient Egypt


Who were the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs?


Complete the starter activity.

Try to find out some information about Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs.  On pages 2 and 3 of the tasks and activities word document, you will find some pharaoh profile cards.

You and at least one other family member can choose a card to read.  Once you have read your card, introduce yourself as that pharaoh to your family member/s and tell them one key fact about yourself.  If you can, swap profile cards and repeat.

You can record your findings on the ‘Find that Pharaoh!’ sheet on page 4 or on a piece of paper.


Alternatively, you can read through all the pharaoh profile cards and discuss the information with an adult. 


Read through the PowerPoint.

Please read it at least once with an adult.


Design a Sarcophagus

Choose a pharaoh from the pharaoh profile cards or from your ‘Find that Pharaoh!’ sheet.  Design a sarcophagus for them.

Further information can be found on page 5 of the tasks and activities word document.


Recap and summary

Imagine you are an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh and you are preparing for your journey to the afterlife.

What would you take with you?

You can find more information on page 6 of the word document.

PowerPoint, tasks and activities

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