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Ancient Egypt


The Ancient Egyptian pyramids


Complete the starter activity.

Read through the slides 2-4 of the PowerPoint. 

Read the pyramid fact cards.  These can be found on page 2 of the tasks and activities word document.


If you have play doh or plasticine, you could try to make one of the four types of pyramid.


Read through the PowerPoint.

Please read it at least once with an adult.


Create a Pyramid Fact-File

Using the information from the PowerPoint, create a 3D pyramid fact-file.

There is a template you can use on page 5 of the word document but you don’t have to use it.


Recap and summary

Read slide 10 of the PowerPoint.

Imagine you have been put in charge of pyramid security by the pharaoh.  What would you design to try to keep the tomb robbers away?

PowerPoint, tasks and activities

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