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Science- Session 3 




Go outside and have fun with shadows. Make them jump, chase each other and play shadow tag. Draw round them to see if they change during the day.


Science Objectives
i) Observe changes across the four seasons.

ii) Name the seasons and suggest the type of weather in each season.


Working Scientifically

  1. Ask simple questions and recognise that they can be answered in different ways.
  2. Observe closely, using simple equipment.
  3. Perform simple tests.
  4. Identify and classify.
  5. Use their observations and ideas to suggest answers to questions.
  6. Gather and record data to help answer questions.


Key Vocabulary: shadow, sun, earth, spin, day, night, light, dark


Start by naming the seasons. What happens in each season?  Which season is your birthday in? Take your child outside and focus their attention on their shadows. In which seasons are the days longer or shorter?


Ask questions: Can you always see your shadow? Does your shadow always look like that? What was your shadow like when you walked to school this morning? What do you think your shadow will look like this evening? Ask: Can you jump on someone's shadow? Let's play shadow tag and catch each other's shadows! Explore shadows in this way for a while and ask them to choose an object in the garden which has a shadow (a bin, flower pot, bench, etc.). Ask them to draw around the item's shadow and to consider: What shape will this shadow be later on in the day? Try and make time to go out and have a look later on to check. Explain that the shadows will get longer during the day and will be at their longest at dusk, before the sun sets. Play them the animation from the Weblinks. It explains the reason why we have day and night.

Activities: Explain that they are going to make shadow puppets using the resource sheet. If you have a torch, they can pretend their torches are the sun to try and make their puppet's shadows longer and shorter. . Remember that shadows do not have facial features, etc. When they draw their puppet it just needs to be a simple outline.

Resources and instructions on how to make your own shadow puppets.

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