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Ancient Egypt


What did the Ancient Egyptians do for fun?


Complete the starter activity.

List 5 hobbies that you do now.

Imagine you are transported back in time to Ancient Egypt and you have no Wi-Fi, plastic, electricity or cars.  Which or your hobbies would you still be able to do?


Read through the PowerPoint.

Please read it at least once with an adult.


Source work

Read the sources on pages 3-6 of the word document.

What information can you learn from them?

What do they tell you about Ancient Egyptians’ leisure activities?


Board Game

If you want to, you can have a go at playing a version of an Ancient Egyptian board game called Senet.


Recap and summary

Read slide 9 of the PowerPoint.

Click on the link and complete the four activities:

  • Video
  • Interactive Market Stall
  • Object photographs
  • Quiz Name the Game



PowerPoint, tasks and activities

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