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Ancient Egypt


What was mummification in Ancient Egypt?


Complete the starter activity.

Read slide 2 of the PowerPoint.

In Ancient Egypt, mummification was a complicated process! Look at the pictures on slide 3.  Can you guess how all of the different things were used in the process?


Read through the PowerPoint.

Please read it at least once with an adult.  There is a video to watch on slide 4 (link to BBC website).


Mummification process.

After you have read slide 6 on the PowerPoint, see if you can collect all of the items (or something similar).  See resource 6a.

If you have the items (or something similar), you are going to have a go at performing a pretend mummification. 

Follow the steps on slides 7-11 to perform and complete the mummification.


Mummification Process Instructions:

Using the template (resource 6c) or your own paper, write out a set of instructions to explain the mummification process.


Recap and summary

Animal Mummies - Look at the pictures of animal mummies on slide 15.  Try to guess which animals might be inside each mummy.  Answers are on slide 16.

PowerPoint, tasks and activities

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