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Each year at school, we take part in the 'My Money Week' initiative where children begin to understand money and some of the choices that come into play when spending, saving and wondering if items are 'needed' or 'wanted'. This year's My Money Week resources are now available and I have uploaded a few for you to enjoy with your child. I have added the external link to the website if you would like more to do at home or explore this topic further.


They have also created Home Learning Guides, which set out how this year's resources can be used by parents and carers during school closures. You can also access resources from previous My Money Weeks back to 2014 in the Resource Archive at the bottom of this page.

Look at this PowerPoint with your child...

The activity below will involve lots of discussion and talk with an adult. I would suggest having a good look through all of the work first so that you will be able to lead the questions and know what is coming next to guide children to each point that is being made. 
The next activity is often really interesting in my class when we discuss it together. This activity will help children understand why we need to prioritise our needs when deciding how to spend our money. If you haven't got a printer to print off the cards, write them down on pieces of paper. We sometimes use a Venn diagram to sort items in to. I have posted a picture of what that would look like below. 
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