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Ancient Egypt


Welcome to Ancient Egypt


Can you design a poster or leaflet to encourage visitors to Ancient Egypt?


Think about what Ancient Egypt would have to offer that would attract people and encourage them to visit.


Use all of the knowledge you have gained over the last term.


Things you should definitely aim to advertise and write about:


  • The River Nile (incredible water source, fantastic way to travel etc.)
  • The Pyramids
  • Tutankhamun’s tomb


You can also write about one or two other key features of Ancient Egypt such as

  • Cleopatra.
  • Hieroglyphs - Come to our amazing country and learn a new way of writing and communicating.
  • Ancient Egyptian hobbies - You will be able to join in with the locals and play…
  • The afterlife and the mummification process - Come on down to our mummification classes where you can learn all about how we mummify the dead and their passage through into the afterlife.  You will even get to perform your own pretend mummification!


Throughout time, Ancient Egypt was ruled by numerous different pharaohs, Gods and Goddesses.  It is up to you who you want to be the ruler of Ancient Egypt at the time.  You could talk about getting to visit the wonderful home of Pharaoh …(like you would when writing about visiting Buckingham Palace for example). 


Make your poster or leaflet as eye catching as possible.  I suggest you roughly plan out what you are going to write and the design of your poster or leaflet before starting on your final version.


Remember the basis of sentence writing – our 4 golden rules:

  • Capital letters – at the beginning of sentences but also for proper nouns.
  • Full stops.
  • Finger spaces between words.
  • Check for sense.  Each sentence much make sense, otherwise, it is NOT a sentence.


Enjoy showing off your incredible Ancient Egyptian knowledge and please show me what you produce on ClassDojo.

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