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This week's topic work has three elements to it.  Please try to complete these tasks in order.

The first part is a recap on last week's learning around the continents, plus a little introduction to Europe.  Work your way through the first set of PDF slides before opening the work.  Task 1 asks you to label the 7 continents and fill in the missing words in the passage about Europe.  Task 2 asks you to read the fact cards and answer the questions.

Once complete, move onto the second set of PDF slides which are all about the countries in Europe.  After you have finished those, have a go at identifying and labelling countries in Europe on a map.  You will need an atlas or access to internet maps to do this.

Lastly, I have attached a link to an online lesson by Oak Academy to consolidate this learning.  One thing to note from their lesson is that the continent we call Australia, they call it Oceania.  This continent often gets called Oceania, Australasia, Oceania and Australia.  Whenever you hear Oceania, just think of Australia.

Oak Academy online lesson

Here is the link for the online lesson with Oak Academy.  Once you have completed the lesson, there is also a little quiz to do if you want to.

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