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This week's topic work has two parts to it.  Please try to complete these tasks in order.


Part 1 - Europe and some key features.

Work your way through the first set of PDF slides before opening the work.

The work includes a list of children and they give you some clues about their country.  Use the information sheet to work out which country each child comes from.


Part 2 - Europe and capital cities.

Once part 1 is complete, move onto the second set of PDF slides.

After you have finished those, have a go at labelling the main capital cities of Europe on the map.  The first task is to find out which capital city can be found in which country.  Once you have done that, you need to label both the capital city and country on the map.  If you have your countries of Europe work from last week to hand, you could use that to help you.

This task does not have to be printed.  You could complete it digitally on ClassDojo or you could record a video of your child pointing to each country and saying its capital city.


There is also an optional extra task where you could create a quiz for someone in your household based on European Capital Cities.  

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