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North America An Introduction To The Continent and It's Physical Features.


Here you will get to use your compass skills from last week as well as revise Continents and Oceans from end of Key Stage 1. This is in Oak Academy Year 3, however, at Brampton Primary we divide Geography between Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2 so please so themes are not repeated.


Please follow the link to Oak Academy and enjoy this journey of discovery!


The Map Of North America is blank for you to add your labels during the video lesson.


It is available on Do Jo to label on screen also.


North America


We are starting a new topic to take a Road Trip across America to discover this continent with it's vast landscapes, range of climates and the diversity of places, and find out about the people who live there.

We will discover some of North America's history, and learn about human and physical features of this amazing continent.


Please have a look at the maps of this country provided, and keep them handy as we progress through this topic. We will use them again.

If you do have a printer, maybe print out the Numbered Road Trip Map and pop it up on your fridge or notice board. 


The activities are for you to work on throughout the afternoons this week so please take your time.


Look at the maps and think about where in the world America is. If you have an atlas or globe can you find America on them?


Part 1 Read and look through the Information PowerPoint on North America.


Complete Part 2 Name the Places 1-9 and Name  the States they are in


Complete Part 3 A Snap Shot Fact File of A Place of your choice in America (you can pick one of the places 1-9 if you would like)


Part 1 
Part 2 

Part 3 


Use The Snap Shot Fact File to write about a place you choose.



An object or physical feature of the landscape or place that is easily seen and recognized from a distance. It can help you describe your location.


Once you have chosen the landmark for this place you can plan, draw and make a model of your landmark.


You could use:



boxes or blocks

any recyclable items- tubes, trays etc


if you enjoy making things from food/baking why not try your skills at creating your landmark from sponge, biscuits or sections of gingerbread (like in a gingerbread house)


                                                         sew, knit


                  build from materials that you can collect on a walk.


Please HAVE LOTS of FUN and PHOTOGRAPH AND SHARE if you would like to!


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