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Science this week! The children love Science at school. With lots of practical help and experiences, the children will really get to grips with the subject of weather this half term.


Think about what we already know about weather and look at how weather forecasters tell us what weather to expect. Make forecasts about the weather at home, using weather symbols and notes made 'on location' in your garden or on one of your daily walks.


You Will Need

Provided Resources

  • Weather symbols and Weather Symbol Snap
  • Talking about Weather resource

Additional Resources

  • Large sheets of paper
  • Glue
  • Pencils and clipboards
  • Recording devices (phones or tablets)
  • Sticky tack or sellotape 


Don't worry if you do not have any of the equipment or a printer. You could ask your children to draw the symbols and talk about them. If you can't record your weather report, just do it at home with your family and tell me all about it on Class Dojo. 


Planning and Activities


  • Look at weather forecasts and the symbols used by forecasters.
  • Create weather forecasts about the weather in Brampton and the surrounding areas.


  1. Consider what the children already know about weather and generate questions.
  2. Go outside and look at the weather, observe the temperature, wind, etc.
  3. Show understanding, and ability to use their observations, by devising their own weather forecasts.

Investigation - exploring, pattern seeking
Go outside and look at the weather. Observe the temperature and wind.
Suggest how to dress a teddy or doll appropriately for the current weather conditions.

Rain, snow, storm, thunder, lightning, cloudy, clothing, warm, cold, forecast

What do we know about weather?

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