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  25 1 21  Lesson 1      Guidance for Tasks Today:


To prepare for the tasks :


1 Please Read the following 3 texts about Native American Famous Characters, life and animals at the time of Settlers.

Discuss theses people and descriptions with your adults, and highlight important parts of the text to help you with your writing.


2 Read and order The Time Line of America at this time. You can use them to make a poster if you would like to help you remember the people, the dates and the events.






26 1 21 Lesson 2 Magnificent Maps

This lesson will be introduced at Zoom at 11 am today. This lesson will look at the maps and guide the children through the information we can collect about a place, physical and human features that give reasons why people decided to make settlements in specific places.


To prepare for this task please look at the maps with the children. Attend the zoom teaching lesson and then complete the task after the zoom at your own pace.


The record sheet is to collect the information on each place on the Road Trip and will be used to compare places in a future lesson so do keep.


27 1 21 Lesson 3  North America Fact Finding:

internet, atlas or book research.


Children can use the record table to write or draw what they have discovered in their research.

If there is not enough space, please add additional paper that works for the information/drawing the children wish to include. 




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