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Please watch the video links to start the lesson before the tasks. The video links show features and explain these features. Some are similar to the Colorado River Channel and landscape which we are exploring.


Task 1 


Look carefully at the Colorado River channel on the map and notice the names, and labels of the features.

Look, and read, the photographs and descriptions to discover the names and features of this river channel.

Cut the pictures and descriptions to add them to the map to label the features.

Lay them out on the floor around the map and take a photograph of the matched features or stick them all onto a large piece of paper to make a poster. Upload to Do Jo for us to see.



  1. Can you find out how long the Colorado River is from source to mouth?
  2. How many states does it flow through? Name and number them.
  3. Which landscapes does it feature- lowland, highland, mountains, desert, canyons or a mixture of these landscapes?
  4. Add to the poster any interesting FACTS you can research about the Colorado River Channel.
  5. add to the poster an


Task 2 Poster Making 


Watch the video links below:


How The Grand Canyon was formed

White Water Hiking Rafting Holidays


Create a fun and exciting information poster about the Grand Canyon and Colorado River

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