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   North American Road Trip Detour to The Sunshine State: Florida


We are going to be researching this exciting State and using our skills we learn in Literacy this week to write a report on Florida for a 1 Holiday Brochure and 2 Write a Postcard from Florida.


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WATCH THE VIDEO to find out about Florida- make notes


MARK FLORIDA ON YOUR MAP OF NORTH AMERICA the video will help you with this.


READ the Information Text On Florida


Look at the pictures of Florida Landscapes and Animals



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PLAN a Report (use your information from Literacy and the Checklist)


                             It can be about:


Animals of Florida




Places to Visit


or anything else you have chosen to research independently.




24 2 21


Write your information report on Florida. Design your own report layout or use the writing frame below.

Nursery – Mrs Harper & Mrs Bareham
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