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San Francisco , California- Our Final Destination-

The End of Our Road Trip


USE the links here or choose your own places in California to research and write a Brochure Report for :


Task 1 "A Day Out In California" Brochure Report


Use the research and notes you make to write a report on what you can do in California. You might like to do a full day in one place or choose a morning activity and one for the afternoon. 

Remember to think about:

1 how you will travel about - bike, tram, car. on foot, bus etc

2 Food and drinks and where to go

3 What the weather is like?

4 Safety tips for hot weather and travelling about.


use the Brochure template for your final report and use last weeks Report Checklist to include all features.


Task 2 A Postcard From California


Use the Guided Reading Postcard to remind yourself of what you would include in a postcard.

Write your postcard to someone telling them all about what you have been doing or have found in California.

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