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Year 6

Summer Term - final week

Below are some suggested activities for your child to work through this week - remember they are not compulsory and it is up to you to decide how many of them your child completes. 


Please do upload any work or photographs of what you've been up to on Dojo - I'd love to see them!


Curriculum Area

Suggested Tasks


Back to the usual White Rose maths link and all resources in the file.

Keep practising those x tables facts on TTRockstars too!


This week, focus on your letters to Mr Metcalfe. Make sure you try really hard to impress your new teachers.


Continue to read lots and use help you find possible books at your reading level.

Use (login instructions for free access on class Dojo).

Reading tasks in the file this week are a poem and an extract from 'Monstrous Devices'. Have a read then answer the questions.

Topic related

This week I have attached the last transition lesson.

I hope you have found them useful over the last few weeks.


This week, I have added a couple of art ideas for you to choose from - enjoy.

Physical Keep on the move with two new activities for this week. It will be easier (and more fun) if you can ask someone to complete the activities with you.



Online Links

Read, read, repeat!

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Please use the contact form below if you need to get in touch with someone regarding home learning. We will endeavor to get back to you ASAP. Please note that you can not send attachments through this form. Please send any photographs fro home learning to and they will be redirected.

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